Saturday, April 6, 2013

W4, D4: Spring Break

I haven't written much these last few days, but for a very different reason than last week.  This is spring break for my husband, who has been home all week.  It's been wonderful having him home and sharing some of the childcare responsibilities.  I have been (mostly) sticking to my calories and hopefully I'll see a better result this week.  In the meantime, it's been a happy, productive week.

This week I:
*Cleaned out the baby's closet and sorted his clothes, books, and misc. items.
*Took a hot bubble bath for the first time in a year.
*Cleaned house.
*Sorted the bathroom drawers.
*Found daycare for baby for next fall.
*Stocked the fridge.
*Visited the Asian market.
*Sampled some yummy (small) dim sum items.
*Read a book.
*Spend quality time with my husband, baby, and kitties.
*Chatted with friends.
*Took a long walk.
*Finally (almost!) finished reading that parenting magazine.
*Ate a cupcake (but only one!).

I still had lots of other things I wanted to do (get oil changed, alter some clothes, garden...) but I've been thankful for this time and feeling positive, which helps me stay on track.  The last time my husband was home for a week, the time was about recovery and rest.  This week was about enjoying life and the precious moments with our baby.  What a great week.

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  1. D'awwww, look at the little bubba. So cute!!! :D