Monday, April 15, 2013

W5, Day 6: Where ya been?

I'm just not doing my best writing regularly these days.  Nonetheless, I think of my blog often and what I'd like to say as days go by.  It's just that things have been a bit busy (how busy can it be staying at home all day?) and I have to write in the times when baby's napping...except that when he's napping, I'm also scurrying around doing dishes, folding laundry, picking up, etc.  You know, normal life stuff.  But anyway, I'm back and here's a summary of this last week:

First, I've done a ton of stuff looking for what's wrong with  my tummy.  The upper endoscopy went fine.  I was so nervous, but actually, except for the IV, nothing really hurt at all thanks to the drugs that put me out.  In fact, the only thing I thought when it was over was, "Why are you waking me up?!!" I came home and crashed out for most of the evening.  Friday I had to do a body scan that felt like being in a giant photocopy machine.  Both Wednesday and Friday's procedures required extended fasting, which you'd think would make my calorie count pretty easy this week, but in fact it's been just the opposite.

I'm way over calories.  I wouldn't have expected it, but fasting seems to make me want to
eat way too much after I'm allowed to eat again.  I'm so hungry!  Even though I'd eaten the normal day's calories in a condensed amount of time, my body felt hungry.  It's probably a mental thing more than a physical one, but whatever the reason, it led to some out of control eating through the weekend.  This doesn't mean that I gorged, but rather I wanted (and got) foods that I normally don't eat:  chocolate, pizza, Chinese food, and last night, two pieces of fried chicken.  That's a lot for only a few days!  I didn't go crazy with these foods in terms of portion, but I'd normally only pick one of these treat foods per week (excepting small bits of chocolate--sorry, can't live without it!).  Oh well, I'm back on track now.  Actually, I'm glad to be back on track because I feel icky after the excess.

My tummy has been a bit better, so maybe things are working themselves out on their own.  Other than some inflammation in my stomach and possibly some gluten sensitivity, I'm still not any closer to knowing what's been causing me stomach pain.  I've been poked, repoked, scanned, and scanned again and I'm just about ready to let it rest.  I'll eat gently for awhile and see if it gets better with time because I don't want to do any more.  I haven't had any intense eating pain for a couple weeks, so that seems more positive.

I just need to avoid eating fat, spicy foods, chocolate, and caffeine.  The caffeine is the hardest part because I'm fond of a Starbucks coffee as a low calorie, well deserved "mommy" treat when I'm out with baby!  The chocolate isn't the hardest part because that's not even going to happen.  Is there life without chocolate??

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