Wednesday, August 31, 2011

W35, Day 2: Weigh Day

Okay, weigh day was yesterday, but I'll go ahead and update it today:  201.4, which is +0.2 for the week.  Obviously that's not the number I was hoping for, especially after I'd spent the week going to my gym and eating carefully, faithfully noting each and every calorie.  But that's how it goes sometimes I suppose.  Sometimes I feel like weight loss is a magical, undefinable process.  You do all the required steps, but nothing happens.  Perhaps I'm missing some mystical ingredient.  In the meantime, I was disappointed to step on that scale, but I knew it was coming because I weigh daily and for whatever reason, the number just refused to budge.  I can accept that and try again this week with a bit more patience (and just as much hope).

And well, it's going to take a lot of patience after today.  I completely and utterly forgot that there was a potluck today at work.  Without real time to mentally prepare AND after a week of a lot of effort and no results, well, things fell apart.  I binged.  I know, I know, that's awful, but it's just what happened.  I ate a lot:  lumpia, pulled pork, salad, chips, and desserts, desserts, desserts.  I put desserts thrice because I had a lot of dessert.  Cookies, cake, ambrosia.  What happened?  I've walked away from donuts and Friday treats for three weeks at work.  I would stop and look and steel myself to walk again.  But not today.  I had literally thousands of calories.  Oh well, all I can do is try to understand why I acted this way and move onward. But damn, that cake was so good it probably touched my soul.

On a happy note, tomorrow is "sleep in" day and an extra hour of sleep sounds incredible.  I'm making up the missed workout by substituting spinning classes on other nights.  I can't wait for some zzzzzzzzzz!


  1. I always have a hard time eating well on days where my weight has gone up inexplicably. You can still do it!

  2. I think this is an unfortunate symptom of a restricted calorie diet! You said in an earlier post you've been trying so hard to stay under your daily calorie goal, and once in a while your body is going to rebel about that if it doesn't feel satisfied. I would bet this was your body wanting the extras you've been depriving it. I tend to think periodic small indulgences, even if they put you over your daily goal, are better than extreme withholding that results in crazy binges when opportunities like this arise. I don't know what legitimacy that has, not being educated in dietary science, of course, but that is what happens to me in similar situations - if I've had a piece of chocolate after dinner a couple times a week, it is much easier to resist super rich stuff at parties.

    - chelsea