Saturday, August 27, 2011

W34, Day 5: Sore ends

This morning I'm feeling the after-affects of my first spinning (cycling) class last night.

Sore muscles, you ask?  Nope.
Stiff shoulders? Nope, well, just a little.
Then what?  Well, it's a bit of a t.m.i., but, my butt hurts!  I mean really hurts!

Other than a bruised posterior, I enjoyed the class.  Honestly, spinning has always intimidated me because it seems like something that fit people would do.  Since I'm not a fit person it didn't seem like something that would be for me.  But when a kind reader invited me to try it, I thought I'd like to give it a try.  When class started, the instructor seemed very enthusiastic but a little scary too and I wondered (and hoped) that I would be able to make it through the whole time.  It'd be embarrassing to fall off the bike and collapse from exhaustion!  But except for a long period of going up gears in the beginning, the rest of the class was doable.  I kept wondering while checking the clock, "Can I do this?" but when I saw that I'd made it through the first half and I wasn't completely spent, I knew I could do the rest of the way and I relaxed a little bit and just try to get into it as much as possible.  I'd like to go back on Monday and try it again, if my rear isn't still as sore as it is now.  I want to try again and see if I can push myself harder next time.  Although I have to say, I came home from class last night, ate dinner, and crashed out by 7:30 p.m.  I was down for the count and it felt as though I had used up every last iota of energy in my body.

One thing the instructor kept saying that stuck with me is to remember why you're doing this.  To keep that goal in mind while you push yourself.  That's where I've been all week.  I don't know how it'll turn out on Weigh Day, but so far I don't seem to be moving much on the scale this week.  Normally that'd be okay because I've certainly experienced it before, but I'm so desperate to move this particular week that it feels vexing.  I'm rethinking this week's strategy though because I'll admit that I've been trying to not eat a chunk of my calories every day in the hope that it'll make me lose more.  But pondering it this morning, maybe that's the wrong strategy.  I mean, since I've starting counting calories and eating more every day, I'd been losing more weight.  There were even several days (one-two per week) where my calories went quite a lot over the goal, yet the weight was still coming off.  Now I have a week where I've stopped eating as much and interestingly, I've stopping losing weight.  It's just so hard for my mind to accept that I should be eating more.  It's exactly the opposite of what I've told myself for years.  On that note, today I'm going to splurge a bit today...but just a bit.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm so glad you tried it. Dave and I try to go religiously every M-W-F so if you make it back on Monday, I'll see you there.

    The soreness definitely gets better, but in the beginning it's quite something. Cycling pants would be helpful, (or my other suggestion):) I still get sore right after. Not so much the butt though if you know what I mean. It's usually all better by the next morning though. Jeesh! The things we do to ourselves in the name of fitness!

    I really love that particular instructor. She is so much fun. It makes the class go by a lot quicker and she really is motivating. I can't believe she can keep talking the whole time!