Sunday, August 28, 2011

W34, Day 6: Before and After pictures

I'm getting a bit concerned that I'm not going to reach my goal this week and to prevent myself from feeling bummed out before I even get to weigh day, I thought I'd post some before and after pictures so that I can see some of those changes that are feeling so elusive.  On a random side note though, my husband and I spend the morning working in our backyard and have finally finished getting the whole yard planted.  Woo hoo!  There are still things we need to clean up, fertilize, put borders around, etc., but the hardest parts are over.  Yay!

So on to the pics!  Here are a couple 'befores' from a few years ago:

I don't have a ton of recent pics from when I was at my heaviest last year because I tend to delete them, as if I erase them then the reality of it won't be true, but here's one from last Christmas:

Now here are some more recent 'after' (in transition?) pictures at about 25-29 pounds fewer:

It's sort of hard to tell that there're many changes in this pic, but I added it because I shortened this skirt to wear it that day to rest above my knees and that would never have happened in a before pic.  :)

Just so you know, this is a swim cover-up and I am wearing a suit underneath.  I don't really go running around in mini dresses.

See how the pants are hanging a bit baggily?  (Is that even a word?  It's not coming up as an error on my spell checker...)  There's also some narrowing by my chest.

Looking at these pictures, I honestly don't see a whole lot of change, but what I do recognize is a feeling.  I know that I felt freer in the bottom pictures, more comfortable and at ease with myself.  I look at them and remember the joy that went into taking them knowing that it doesn't really matter how they would come out because regardless, the picture would capture a better, stronger me.  If I don't get to my goal on Tuesday, I'll be disappointed but it will be fine because it's the same as with the pictures, the scale will still capture my better, stronger self.


  1. You look great Allegra!!


  2. Allegra, I see BIG differences between these before and after pictures! You look much happier and the upper half of your body (face to waist) looks considerably smaller. Results are showing!

    - chelsea

  3. Amazing, Allegra! You look fabulous!!

  4. You look fantastic. No doubt about that! :)