Saturday, August 20, 2011

W33, Day 5: Pet Peeve

Okay, I'm going to vent about a little body pet peeve.  Yes, I know, that's vain and shallow and all that jazz, but who doesn't have something they don't like about their own bodies?  One thing I love (hey, let's start with the positive) is my collarbones.  Is that weird?  I guess I never noticed them before...probably because they were buried under layers and layers of, well, let's not go there.  Anyway, in the last month I've noticed them popping up there out of my chest and shoulders.  It's a small thing, but it's quite agreeable.  I also observe more muscle tone in my shoulders and a narrowing of my upper chest (that's not quite as agreeable).  I weighed this morning with quite positive results (I don't want to give it away and jinx myself before weigh day) so I know I weigh less than I have in years.  So why then is my waist bigger than it's been in months?? C'mon now!  I can't fit into a pair of pants now that I was wearing two months ago.  What gives?  How can that be?  I wore these pants a couple of times and then haven't been able to fit into them again.  I weigh 8-9 pounds less.  I have (slightly) less fat overall...that two percent less isn't huge or anything, but still.  Yet my waist measures larger than it has since March.  Bummer.

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