Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Y2, W3, Day 1: Defying Gravity

Weigh day today and it wasn't great at 197.4 (down 0.8) since I was hoping for a full pound, but seeing as there were a couple days where I went well over my calories, it wasn't a bad total for the week.  I'm hoping that this week I'll get in a workout every weekday, but I already missed going to the gym yesterday due to a cold.

Happily, except for a little congestion, I'm feeling a lot better today and I was back on that elliptical early this morning.  I can tell that I'm going to be in a bit of pain tomorrow since my biceps are feeling pretty tender right now when I lift up my arms.  My trainer had me use my arms on the bench to do some seated dips after doing a bunch of reps of other arm weight exercises.  I was supposed to be lifting and lowering my rear and legs using just the power of my arms and shoulders.  Now I'm not being modest or facetious when I say that my posterior and legs are not light...that's quite a load for my arms!  Just as I was pondering mentally renaming the exercise to something like "butt bane" or "defying gravity" (in honor of the musical, Wicked), my trainer said, "Don't be thinking about gravity now."  It was like she was reading my mind.  Maybe that's a trainer thing?
This lady makes the seated dip look good.  Easy, right?

Regardless, I'd just like to point out what a virtuous exercise morning I had since I totally blew all my hard work at a conference that served an extensive (and tasty) breakfast.  The pastries called to me as strongly as they ever have and I admit to overindulgence.  Surely the two events equal each other out?  Ah well, that's life!  Back to yogurt for breakfast tomorrow.

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