Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Y2, W8, Day 2: Carboholic

 A really long day + a full day of sharp back pain = carb overload.

I got home late tonight and after dinner I ravenously attacked a bag of rice cakes.  On the bright side, if rice cake zombies ever rise up to attack the humans, my crunching skills are totally developed.  I do enjoy caramel rice cakes because they taste sweet and they remind me of Lembas bread (elf bread), and anything that makes me think of Lord of the Rings is just peachy in my book.

I think I was lost for today.  Throw in tiredness, emotional work meh, and pain, mix it into a day and you get eating.  I am so hungry.  I'm just not sure it's a mental or physical need, but I'm guessing the former.


  1. You haven't checked in in a while. Everything okay?

    - chelsea

  2. Thanks Chelsea, I was thinking the same thing (that I haven't check in in awhile). I appreciate you checking in with me, I really do. It's the little push I need to post when I've been reluctant to do so. Thank you!