Tuesday, October 25, 2011

W43, Day 1: Whoa!

Weigh day today and it's pretty awesome this week, but I'm also pretty confused about how that happened.  So, I'm at 195.4 as of this morning, which puts me at -3.4 for the week (really a banner week) and -33.6 pounds today, with 45 pounds more to go.  Okay, so here's the celebration time:  whooooo!!!  Three pounds in one week is amazing.  Excellent.

I will admit though that I'm completely baffled about how that loss happened.  I'm not trying to be modest or negative or anything, but I'm truly not understanding.  On Monday of last week, I totally went off my calories and I had two donuts and other assorted goodies on Boss's Day.  Regardless, the scale slid steadily downwards all week, but I knew I was going to eat freely this weekend and I figured I'd gain weight.  I did eat a lot on both Saturday and Sunday (and I truly mean a lot) but the scale stayed steady.  I only exercised three times last week, so it's not like I burned a ton of calories or anything.  Oh well, maybe sometimes there's no clear reason why the loss happens--but gee, I really wish I knew what the winning formula because it'd be great to be able to replicate it week after week.

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