Sunday, October 9, 2011

W40, Day 6: Falling off the wagon

Okay, I'm having trouble starting this entry because I'm a bit overwhelmed with everything I have consumed in the last week.  It's been bad.  I tried to control myself at camp and if I am going to find any successes this week, it's the knowledge that I did better at controlling myself there than I ever have in seven trips.  However, that doesn't mean I did a good job either.  On the worst camp food day, I went over by 1200 calories, putting me over 3,000 calories for the day.  Whew!  So obviously, eating at camp wasn't great and I expected that.

What I didn't expect was my reaction to being home.  I ate everything under the sun on Friday night and Saturday.  I know for certain that Friday night's binge was a bout of comforting and self-soothing.  I ate and ate and I figured I would get back on track on Saturday.  For the first time since I started using, I didn't record my calories. On Saturday, things seemed to be going better, more normally, except that we spend a long afternoon in the backyard and when we came inside in the evening, I remembered that there was a very empty fridge.  Tired and hungry, we went out to eat and I picked unhealthily, throwing my calories out the window again.  After dinner, I snacked because I figured I was already lost for the day.  And again, I didn't record my calories, maybe because I didn't want to really acknowledge just how far off the mark I truly was.  I know from past experiences with Weight Watchers that not recording points/calories is the first big step off the path.  It's so easy to miss a day, then two, then a week....such an inconvenience to record everything...and pretty soon I've lost all accountability.

Today we are going on a social outing with friends to an apple farm with the usual assortment of treats there.  I plan to indulge with them, but I'm going to record everything.  I had a healthy breakfast and I will cook dinner tonight because we went grocery shopping last night.  It may not an overall healthy day and I may not stay in calories, but I'm going to do better than the last two days and I'm ready to get back on track with my goals.

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