Monday, October 10, 2011

W40, Day 7: Refocused!

Today I've tried really hard to get things back on track.  I went to the gym for the first time in a week (most of last week was not my fault since I was in the woods, but I could have gone on Saturday and chose not to) and did a pretty good job on the elliptical and with the weights.  Walking onto the main floor, I was struck by a display of what five pounds of fat versus five pounds of muscle.  What a difference in size!  So far I've lost roughly 30 pounds and I stood there trying to imagine how big a mass that is.  Pretty cool.

I felt pretty good about my gym time, but I notice that my left knee is twinging like crazy--actually it's pretty hard to not notice--and it's worse after working out.  I'm not sure if a brace would help or do anything at all, but since I don't want to cut out my workout time, I guess I'm just going to have to try to ignore it and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on it (like doing squats, which always hurt).

I tracked all my calories today and am well within my total.  My stomach was growling off and on throughout the day and I snacked on several fruits and vegetables to help fill it, but the first day back on after several days off is always the hardest in terms of hunger.  In a few days, my stomach will have adjusted.  So, all in all, I'm feeling pretty good about the day:  I'm refocused and back on track.  Now I just need another cute kitty picture and my day is set.  Here we go...  :)


  1. Ice packs for the knees are a good option to apply after exercise. There is also a stretch I like to use to loosen the twitching knee and calve muscles. Plop your leg up on the arm of the sofa or the seat of a chair to where it is straight out in front of you and then flex your toes in back toward your body. It helps stretch the back of the leg and muscles along the sides of the knee.

  2. Allegra, don't ignore knee pain! At least tell your trainer and see what she recommends. Working through knee, ankle, and back pains is a good way to actually injure yourself in those areas, which will put your exercise routine on hold quite a bit while you heal.
    It's fantastic that you are getting yourself back on track, but you still have to listen to your body, especially if it feels like it's hurt.

    - chelsea

  3. don't ignore the pain! i love the kitty pictures-need some for the office kitchen because all of a sudden people are getting into that mode of bringing all kinds of tempting junk to eat!