Tuesday, October 18, 2011

W42, Day 1: Weigh Day

As I look back on my blog I wonder, where did the week go?  I haven't written all week.  I think this mirrors my lack of motivation this week as well.  I've had a hard time being focused on my goals and staying within my calories.  My weigh day today is at 198.0, which isn't horrible, but isn't making any progress either.  Some of this is coming from a lack of gym time this month.  I missed a week of gym time when we went to camp and I was all ready to come back strong last week, but my knee hurt so much that I skipped a few days and treaded lightly the days I was there.  While my knee is still slightly tender, I feel ready to get back in there, except...

...now my back is killing me.  What the heck??  On Saturday it just started hurting intensely in my lower back, and though I loaded up on the Motrin, I was seriously not ready to go to the gym.  I skipped both yesterday and today and while my back is gently aching tonight, I think I'm going to go tomorrow morning.  If I can't do a whole lot while I'm there, maybe I can just gently walk the treadmill or elliptical.  It doesn't really matter if I'm not pushing myself hard, I just need to get in there and get my routine back on track.  I feel like I take more pride in my self--both mind and body--when I'm working out and that helps me skip the foods that aren't good for me.  I can't wait for both knee and back to heal though because I'm missing the spin classes a lot (they're a bit too hardcore for body parts that aren't working right).  C'mon body!

Okay, this next section is really for the ladies only (no offense guys), but I've noticed another interesting side effect of all the gym time is a very irregular and random monthly cycle that started when I began exercising daily.  I've missed many of my gym sessions this month and noticed that my cycle returned to normal, so I'm guessing that it's the exercise that's caused it.  It's sort of relief to know that my body isn't just going crazy!  I wonder if that's normal for folks who exercise?

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  1. Almost a full pound down in a week is good! I would call that fairly decent progress; especially since you haven't been able to exercise. I hope you feel better! Sometimes braces are pretty useful, but I kinda hate them because they feel weird and then kind of gross after you sweat. :x

    Good luck! You're doing awesome. :)