Tuesday, June 28, 2011

W26, Day 1: Weigh Day

Today I met with my trainer again and she gave me a new set of exercises to do.  I dutifully brought home the list of exercises and made my own notes on them because it seems that exercise has its own language and I'm not a fluent speaker yet.  For example, she wrote on my sheet "calf raises" and I stood at home wondering what the heck that meant until it dawned on me, "Oh!  Stand on my tippy-toes like a ballerina!  Got ya!"

I get the impression that the trainer, while very nice, is worried about overwhelming me with too much.  She keeps asking me if I'm okay (Yes, I'm fine...I'm sweating like Niagara Falls, but that's no big deal) and giving me tasks that almost feel too simple or the weights too light.  I think I am going to just try some heavier weights the next time I do some of those exercises.  She also asks me if I'd like to do more when we are doing sets of things.  Um, would I like to?  No...but should I be doing more?  I find this confusing because I don't know if I should be doing more to get better results or if I'm doing the appropriate amount.  On the other hand, we did some crunches today and I felt those plenty.  I don't want to sound overzealous or too enthusiastic because I'm really not, but I do want to make an honest effort to do the best I can.  I'm trying to make this exercise a part of my normal daily routinue--normal as showering or going on Facebook--now during the summer so that when I return to work, it would feel unnatural not to exercise.

On another subject, today is weigh day.  Meh.  Well, it wasn't going to be good after my food tour of Southern California (I'm still jonesing for another beef cilantro roll).  I knew this already.  Unsurprisingly, I gained 1.8 pounds, putting me once again at 207.8.  Sometimes I feel like I am mired in quicksand and I'm struggling hard enough to keep my head above the surface, but not enough to free that inner me that wants out of this body.  All that kicking and fighting, hungering and wanting just to keep from sinking.  Maybe I have to come to the understanding that the inner me is not going to escape out of me, but rather I am that person.  I'm stuck with this property, for better or worse, so I'd better keep working on the exterior renovations.

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