Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Y2, W10, Day 2: Weigh Day

Okay, I missed weigh day yesterday for no good reason other than I was watching a movie with subtitles and I couldn't write and watch.  However, I did weigh in at 197.4, the same as the week before.  I didn't do a good job with food last week and I know it.

This morning I met with my trainer as usual.  What was unusual is that she wanted to do a measuring in.  My favorite thing (said with some sarcasm).  Not only had I gained a pound and a half since the last time in the beginning of February, but I gained slightly on the measurements in most areas.  When I say slightly, I mean a tenth to a quarter of an inch of gain, so it's not like I added an inch or two anywhere, but still, you want to see that tape measure show you good things.  The only good thing was that for some reason we hadn't checked my body fat percentage since I'd joined the gym nine months ago.  I've lost eight pounds of fat since then.  You might be thinking, okay, what's so special about eight pounds?  But it's the 'of fat' part that's cool since fat takes up more space than muscle.

Regardless, maybe it's the little kick I need to remind myself of my goals and push myself harder to get out of this plateau I've stuck myself in.

This is about 1 pound of fat...I'm happy to be eight less of these.

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